Is your printer a potential mole in a cyber security risk?

With the influx of IT-driven printers now hooked up to the cloud or other remote hosting is this ‘innocent’ player in your network environment a potential risk to the security of your data? Any document stored in memory can certainly be classed as such. Hospital patient reports or confidential financial analyses can be serious breaches of a statute or boardroom confidentiality. PINs for print, access codes, whatever security extracts the document at the device, doesn’t appear to protect it.

When Gartner Inc, the American Holy Grail for IT and other business leaders, reported on concern in late 2016 about Cyber Hacking Lessons from the U.S. Election should we all reassess the risks associated with remote hosting? The author of the Blog article was stunned and expressed wonder (not usual terminology for research and analysis) about criminal cyberhacker’s capabilities but, for us, the worry was the definitive statements made - Surely state and local governments do not have the resources to adequately protect their infrastructure from advanced nation state or other types of hacker attacks. (The world’s No.1 superpower!) She went on to say - Most large well-equipped organizations in this country (U.S.) struggle with the same despite multi-million-dollar security budgets spent each year on cybersecurity. (Unbelievable or Scary!)

The message then is, whether you have millions to spend or not, no security system is impervious to hacking! How damaging is this to the marketing of cloud technology and, in the case in question, printer storage security?

In the recent past schools and other fleet network environments have begun to rely heavily on the input of in-house IT departments (or licensed independent providers) to oversee the acquisition of their print hardware thereby negating generations of experience from print hardware specialists. If IT, of any magnitude, cannot guarantee data security why is it assumed they can determine the most cost-effective devices to meet your organisation’s specific requirements analysed over a 3-5 year operational cycle?

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