To Save Money on Print Hardware how do you Connect to the Right Supplier..?

When you buy a new cooker you don’t get it from an installation engineer, so, why go to IT for a new printer?

There are 1797 current printers on the market from over 30 manufacturers. Are you on your own in the search or do you get help to find the right one?

If you or your workplace needs a printer with a myriad of functionality such as copy, scan, fax, fast speed, double-sided, A4, A3, magazine quality then you might think you can handle the task but when wi-fi, networking and touch screen get added into the mix does your IT for dummies manual point you in that direction? Either way the task is equally daunting for whoever picks up the short straw.

Following the introduction of IT networking the spin-off print audit software was a game-changer giving rise to a whole new industry. Monitoring a small or large print fleet over a reasonable timespan provided a great deal of understanding for business but also exposed areas of abuse, under-use of cheaper equipment and other interesting facets of operational deficiency. The IT bug within the print hardware sector suddenly took hold possibly to the detriment of the print hardware specialists with generations of experience and knowledge.

Ever since the Eighties when notorious rip-off copier contracts burned a big hole in an office budget the print hardware trade has danced on hot coals to compensate. The price of most hardware tumbled making high-quality printing equipment available to a wider audience but profit still had to be made, so, recouping this initial generosity fell into follow-up consumable sales. Swings and roundabouts, cheap machines – higher running costs, expensive machines – lower running costs.

It’s finding the right combination of functionality, initial outlay and subsequent running costs to match up to your workload that is the real task at hand. But, whose aid do you enlist in determining what this is and how to calculate it? Is it someone who knows how to wire you up or someone who can work out what you’re printing and how many and measure that against all the printers currently on the market and return a table of the most cost-effective devices calculated over either three or five-year operating cycle?

If that hope is why you’ve landed on this blog then you won’t have wasted your time because we do have this capability and can say that you won’t find it anywhere else but doubters can search! As a starting point - Which? the consumer champion, has recommended Best Buys which are generated from tests they’ve conducted on the operating capabilities of around 186 low-end machines. This number is approximately only 10% of what is currently available across the entire range of print hardware.

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